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Fantastic fun rolled into one fluffy bundle.

Kjaere Norwegian Forest Kattz

Welcome to Kjaere Norwegian Forest Kattz

We hope you enjoy the site and the photos of these gorgeous cats and learning more about this magnificent breed.

Our current breeding cats come from excellent lines with many multi award winning show cats in their backgrounds. At this point in time I am not showing my own cats though I do plan to show some of my future cats/kittens, probably in the 2014 season but it will only be small scale. If you would be interested in acquiring one of my kittens for showing let me know.

About Us

Our family discovered Norwegian Forest Cats quite by accident many, many years ago and the more we researched the breed the more we fell in love with them!

We had been owned by cats for many years before we acquired our first pedigree Stud cat, the first of our original breeding stock, a few months later two Queens joined our growing group, then a second Stud, a couple of Neuters, and a few more Queens over the following years. In late-2001 we had our first litter of Norwegian Forest Cat kittens rolling and squeaking, then eventually running, jumping, slipping and sliding around on the house.

We continued breeding our pride of little “Lion cats”, as my sister calls them, until late 2009 when we reluctantly retired our breeding cats but... three years and four house moves later we have the ultimate pleasure of once again having cats back in our lives and home, 2012 saw the birth of our brand new breeding program!

We are proud to be a New Zealand Cat Fancy Registered Breeder of high quality Norwegian Forest Cats, and though we do not have kitties on the show bench yet I look forward to giving it a go in the next year or so.

Huge “thank you”’s to Carol, Wayne, Alice, Jan and Ivan for entrusting us with our gorgeous fur babies, and there will be more thank you’s coming eventually as we plan to add to our brood over the coming years.

For more information on the breed or if you are interested in adopting one of our gorgeous cats/kittens feel free to contact me via the Contact link at the top of the page.